Justin Drew Mallette Bieber

Since 2010, I idolize Justin Bieber. I first saw him on his music video (One Time) and I got shocked because of his handsome face! Then after it, I searched him on Google about his background to know him more, then that is the year that I started to became a Belieber. I also started to love the color purple because that is also his favorite.

I always listen to all of his songs and I followed all his real account on the internet. Also, I bought all the JB’s stuffs that I saw. I also told to my tito in London to buy me JB’s perfume and he bought me Someday and The Key and it still last last longer.

When he has a My World Tour here in Manila on May 10, 2011, I want to go badly but my parents didn’t allow me because they can’t afford the price of the ticket and I felt so sad that day. When I watched his movie in cinema Never Say Never (2011) and Believe (2013), I felt like I was in his concert because it was 3D (haha). Also, some of the people inside the cinema are too loud. I enjoyed watching his two movies.

Even if he has a lot of negative issue (even though some of them are not true), I still support him no matter what happen. 




Friends are the people in your life that makes you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better.

At first, I am afraid to go at my new school when I started my 7th grade in high school because I taught that there are some mean students and I don’t like that. Then after days, there’s a girl who asked me if she can borrow my camera. I allowed her to borrow it because she is my classmate and her name is Michelle. She is sometimes nor always maarte when she’s speaking (haha) but that is just the way she is, she said. Then we became friends.

Then, there are also two girls who became my friends at the end of the year of my grade 7. The first girl is Princess who is my classmate also and she is wild and nice to be with. The other girl is Alyssa. She is not my classmate but she became my friend. We’re always together because she is my neighbor. 

At my 9th grade, there’s a transfer student in our section and her name is Kathleen. We approached her because she has no friend and she’s nice. We told her if she want to come with us after our class to stroll somewhere and she nod. We just have the same way to our house, so we’re always together while going home. She is also my classmate until now.

Also, there’s another transfer student from other section who became my friend because she sat next beside me and her name is Apple. She’s talkative and fun to be with.

At my 10th grade in high school, my classmate Julie joined our friendship. She is my elementary classmate also until grade 10 so we’re already close. She’s chubby and cute! She has a lot of jokes and she is also fun to be with.

Also, there are also two girls who became my friends. They are my classmates too but this is just the year that we became friends. The two girls named Shaina and Xyrill. Shaina is very hyper and talkative but sometimes she is dramatic. Xyrill is a silent girl and she’s nice. She has strong confident that she is a great singer (haha). 

Lastly, there are also two girls who became our friends too. They are also my classmates. Her name is Angela. She is silent yet crazy friend. She is also talented and smart. The other girl is Ella. She’s very matured to us but sometimes she’s crazy. She always joined pageant.

We called our group of friends, SQUAD. Even though life is sometimes sucks, still they can make me laugh.

High school changes people. Some for the better, some for the worst but one thing is true, you find out who your real friends are.

Carbonara Recipe

One of my favorites is carbonara pasta, so I will tell the simple steps in making it.


  • 1/2 cup chopped bacon

  • 2 tbsp chopped garlic

  • 2 packs of all purpose cream

  • 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese

  • 1/4 cup of grated cheddar cheese

  • 1/2 water

  • pasta


  1. Fry the bacon in a pan until it become crisp.

  2. Add the garlic and cook it until lightly brown.

  3. Lower the heat and pour the all purpose cream followed by cheeses.

  4. Toss cooked pasta into the sauce until well-coated.

and it is done! 

Thank You (MOM & DAD)

Parents are the most important person for me because without them I am nothing. They always gives me an unconditional love. So to my Mom and Dad, I just want to say thank you so much for all you’ve done for me and to my sisters also.

To my Dad, I really appreciated all your hard work on your work. Even if you are not with us, you still find a time to communicate with using Skype. Thank you because you give us what we need. Just don’t forget to take care yourself there and always pray to God. I hope you have a vacation again here.

To my Mom, thank you also for taking care of us even though we are (sometimes) naughty, you’re still not giving up. Thank you for always waking up so early just to prepare our breakfast before we go to school. 

Without both of you, it would be very tough for me. I wish that God will give both of you a long life and I hope we will be together for a long time.

Again, THANK YOU and I LOVE both of you MOM and DAD! ♥

Ernest Miller Hemingway

There a lot of good writers and one of these is Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899-1961). He was an American short story writer, also a novelist and journalist.

A lot of people really like his short story “Hills Like White Elephants” because it really makes the reader work to fill in the details. This story focuses on a conversation between an American man and a girl at a Spanish train station while waiting for a train to Madrid. The girl compares the nearby hills to white elephants.

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.” -EMH

My Unforgettable Moment

Some moments are simply unforgettable and in my life, my unforgettable moment was my JS Prom a year ago. At first, my parent doesn’t want me to attend our JS Prom because of the time (they are slightly strict when it comes to time) but eventually they approved me to go to that event because I didn’t stop insisting them. While the program is happening, I’m just enjoying with my friends and we dance like crazy because my friends was wild that day haha!

Also, my 16th birthday was unforgettable for me because I celebrated it with my family and my squad. They suprised me with confetti and balloons. I really appreciated there efforts that day and I thanked God for giving me another year of my life. 

Best of Friends

The best of friends

Can change a frown

Into a smile

When you feel down.

The best of friends

Will understand

Your little trials

And lend a hand.

The best of friends

Will always share

Your secret dreams

Because they care.

The best of friends

Worth more than gold,

Give all the love,

A heart can hold.